Membership Based on Prior Evidence

While the regular test of Mensa Philippines is administered to individuals 14 years old and above (one reason is that the test is calibrated for adults), children younger than 14 may be able to join Mensa through prior evidence.

Membership based on prior evidence may also be applied when an individual of any age, for some reason, cannot take the regular Mensa test — for instance, he or she lives in a regional area that is far from the venue where we will hold the Mensa test, which is usually in Metro Manila.

When the IQ of an individual has been officially determined by a qualified professional psychologist to be within the levels that are accepted in Mensa, the individual may use this documented result to qualify to Mensa Philippines in lieu of taking the Mensa test.

Note that fees may be charged by your psychologist for this professional assessment service.

To apply for membership based on prior evidence, the following information MUST be provided in a written formal certificate:

  •  Name of qualified psychologist and contact info to the psychologist
  •  Full name and birth info of the candidate
  •  Date of testing- Name of test
  •  Test result expressed in percentile (minimum 98) or transformed into another scale, like IQ
  •  Certified by a qualified psychologist

The certificate can be in PDF but not in a Word-format. If written in another language than English – a formal translation is needed.

The above are to be sent for assessment.  Please include complete name and contact details.

If these requirements are not met, we cannot accept the application. Mensa does NOT accept membership based on verbal communication with the psychologist.

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  • Mensa PH Treasurer 23 / 08 / 2017 Reply

    Hi Tess! You may get in touch with the following:
    Headway School for Giftedness (contact number: 926-9174).
    Psychpros by Dr. Leticia Ho (contact numbers 7242038/7239750)

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