If you are a highly intelligent person who is looking for friends and peers who can keep up with your ideas, your interests, and even your sense of humor, then being in Mensa may be like a dream come true!

This is a sentiment that has been echoed, again and again, by Mensa’s members through the years. Because for everything that Mensa is, it still is the people, the members, who make Mensa what it is.

The organization values its non-political, non-denominational, and all-inclusive perspective in welcoming members. Mensa does not hold any opinions as an organization and will not espouse any particular viewpoint. This allows the organization to be a safe haven for discourse among its members, regardless of their beliefs, affinities, or opinions.

Members, however, are free to engage in their interests through special interest groups (SIGs). SIGs allow Mensa members to find fellow Mensa members, whether locally or internationally, who have the same interests, beliefs, or ideals.

If you subscribe to the idea of a truly democratic organization, where people get to engage in interactions and even discourse regardless of their age, orientations, political beliefs, or religion, then this is the organization for you!

Oh, and one more thing. Mensa is run by volunteers. This means that we need people to help out in order to keep the organization running! So if you love what the organization stands for, then you are going to love helping out in order to keep it going!