Arturo Benedicto Ilano (2011-Present, 2002-2003, 1997-1998)
When Art took on the presidency for the first time (1997), he was a faculty member at the University of the Philippines where he taught marketing and strategy. He had been an international Mensa member before helping found Mensa Philippines. In 2002, he took over Janet Villa to become president for the second time, due to Janet’s busy schedule.

Art is the current president of Mensa Philippines as of 2017. This is his third take at the presidency. During his term he has been a Palanca-winning writer, a management consultant, and a manager of various publications



Christopher Tan (2008-2009)
Chris was a businessman, media manager and athlete who brought a sense of flair and showmanship to Mensa during his term.






Dimpy Jazmines (2006-2007)
Dimpy was a publicity and communications manager at Bayantel, notorious for his endless puns and his endlessly creative persona.





Marla Endriga (2005)
Marla was a marine biologist who taught at the University of the Philippines, endlessly studying and endlessly producing research output.






Dodie Navarro (2003-2004)
Dodie was a banker and finance person who brought a sense of “barkada” to the organization.







Janet Baclayon-Villa (2000-2001)
Janet was the lawyer-turned-writer who would go on to win an NVM Gonzalez Award for Short Fiction. She was instrumental in fine-tuning the Mensa constitution.





Gonzalo Bunag (1998-1999)
GB was the self-styled raconteur of Mensa who was known for speaking his mind and was an active member of a number of Mensa SIGs.






Silvia Mijares (1995-1996)
Silvia was an all-around entrepreneur, IT professional, and tiger mom (her two children have also been active Mensa members) who was, among other things, responsible for establishing the Toast of Mensa Toastmasters Club (a specialized public speaking SIG) that reaped a number of national awards during its time.

Eduardo Rabuy (1993-1994)
Ed was a management professional and a family man. He became the first elected president of Mensa Philippines.

Aileen Lorenzo (1992-1993)
Like the other founding members of Mensa Philippines at the time, Aileen was a direct member of Mensa International. She was a medical student who became the face of Mensa at its incorporation stage, becoming its first official president.