Dimpy Does D’Brown Bag!

Dimpy highlighting a point

The second Mensa Brown Bag Session happened last Saturday over at The Coffee Academy at Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, and delivering up front was Mensa PR Director Dimpy Jazmines, on a talk entitled “Organizational Communication (and How to Make it Work in Yours)”.

In an hour-long talk, Dimpy laid out the rationale behind what is now a growing trend for businesses, namely the implementation of organizational communication initiatives. Dimpy explained the difference between this and traditional public relations, emphasizing that organizational communication was more concerned with culture-building and organizational development through messages and meanings.

Dimpy then gave the Mensans some examples of initiatives that he has helped implement in his position as human resources consultant for Bayan Communications (aside: isn’t it cool how he’s implementing communications initiatives inside a communications company?) and SkyCable.

And as the talk went on, the Mensans were also treated to complementary cups of terrific coffee courtesy of the venue’s master brewer Raoul.

In all, the second Mensa Brown Bag Session was a wonderful and informative success, and we thank Dimpy for sharing his knowledge with us!

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