September’s Brown Bag: Help Mensa’s Gifted Youth Committee with its 10-Year Plan!

Hi everyone! For this month’s Brown Bag, let’s all do something really useful!

Dr. Frances “Lia” Mijares is the Philippine head for Mensa International’s Gifted Youth Committee. And for September’s Brown Bag, the task is for the committee to brainstorm on a five to ten year development plan for young Mensa members and mentors (that could be you!).

If you are interested in how you could help our gifted youth, then you would want to join up. Let’s all help build a healthy, welcoming environment for the gifted youth. This could be a welcome first step, and a great way to meet fellow productive Mensans.

*** Bonus: The meeting shall be at Kha’s Food House, which is a must-try place for affordable Middle Eastern cuisine in U.P. Diliman. Afterwards, feel free to trek over to the extremely popular isawan just a few steps away!

Mensa Brown Bag, September Edition
September 14, 2013 3:00pm (second Saturday of the month)
Kha’s Food House (Persian diner), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Kha’s is located at the arcade across the U.P. Chapel, near the infamous isawan

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