Ask Mensa AnythingCategory: Arts & CultureDo Rabbit in Singapore Give Kisses to Humans?
Mirta Beckwith asked 2 months ago

Rabbit in Singapore make wonderful pets for many reasons – they are cute, fluffy, and surprisingly affectionate. A common question that bunny owners have is whether bunnies give kisses the way dogs and cats do. The short answer is yes, bunnies can and do give kisses, but not quite in the same way we are used to from other pets.

Bunny kisses are most often given in the form of light nibbles or nuzzles, not big sloppy wet kisses like a dog. Bunnies show affection by gently nibbling on your hand, arm, or clothing as a sign of their bond with you. It’s one of the ways they communicate trust and affection. Some bunnies may also nuzzle up against your cheek or lick you gently, which is about as close to a kiss as they get.

Bunnies grooming in Singapore one another in the wild by nibbling and licking, so when they do this with their human owners, they are showing that they view you as a fellow bunny companion worthy of being groomed. It’s a high compliment coming from a prey animal that is instinctually wary of predators. If your bunny is comfortable nibbling or licking you, that’s a good sign you have formed a close bond.

While bunnies may not plant big wet kisses on your face, their version of kisses through light nibbles and nuzzles is no less adorable. So if your bunny is showering you with nibbles and nuzzles, be sure to feel loved and hollandlop bonded! It’s their unique way of giving you bunny kisses.