The Next Mensa IQ Challenge is on April 22, 2023!

The Mensa IQ Challenge is the official qualifying exam to determine whether you have what it takes to join the international society of Mensa. The organization’s only qualifying requirement is that you score in the top two percentile of the population in a standardized IQ test.

The Mensa IQ Challenge tests your brainpower through a battery of non-verbal, culture-fair questions of varying difficulty. Your performance will be assessed and your results shall be sent back to you, showing your calculated IQ score as well as your percentile rank. Those who score in the top two percentile will be invited to join the global community of Mensa.

The Mensa IQ Challenge shall be held on April 22, 2023, Saturday, with test sessions happening every hour on the hour from 9AM to 3PM. Venue will be at the KMC V Corporate Center, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila.

Test fees are heavily discounted for this event. International testing rate is normally US$ 60 (PhP 3,000). The Mensa Philippines testing fee is discounted by 50 percent, while students get a 66 percent discount!

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The Mensa IQ Challenge
April 22, 2023, Saturday
KMC V Corporate Center
Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

Tests scheduled every hour from 9AM to 3PM. Choose your preferred slot below.

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    • Jann 31 / 05 / 2023 Reply

      I missed April 22 challenge, can I still join this year?

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