SCIENCE MATTERS: My Research Fair Experience

by Ryan Gerard Matthieu B. Menchate

Research Fair 2019 Delegate

            Research Fair 2019 is a 3-day program gathering the best and brightest High School Filipino Youth from different schools and regions across the country. Organized by the University of the Philippines Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students, Incorporated (UP ALCHEMES), it was held on January 31 to February 2, 2019 in UP Diliman.

            An avenue for students to show their love and interest for scientific knowledge, this year’s theme was AUXIN: Cultivating the Scientific Landscape for Youth Discovery. It is divided into 3 events, namely: Research Competition, National Science Conquest (Quiz Contest), and Youth Science Convention (workshops and seminars).  An estimated 500 delegates from 45 different schools nationwide were in attendance.

            Mensa Philippines, through the initiatives of Mensa Kids PH Coordinator Ms. Rhea Buela, got invited to the Research Fair for the first time this year. I’m so honored to have represented Mensa to this event. My Mensa colleagues and I attended the Youth Science Convention. I really appreciated this because it helped me learn important lessons in research and science. I did not only learn from the speakers but also from the delegates of other schools, particularly those who joined the Case Study Competition.

            What makes Research Fair 2019 such a great learning experience is that it involves so much more than Science. We were not only taught about research in different industries but also about financial literacy which is as important in conducting a research project. I also learned and observed the importance of effective oral and visual communication. Because no matter how good your project is, if you cannot get your message across your audience, your efforts will be futile.

            Research Fair is highly recommended for 9th Graders and up. I believe Mensa Philippines is the only team that sent 7th and 8th Graders to this event. It makes me even more grateful for the opportunity to have experienced this when I’m still quite young. I have years ahead of me to learn more before our team embarks on our own scientific research 

            I can conclude that this year’s fair was awesome! It taught me important tips and tricks that could help me in the future like how to properly conduct a research and how to defend and support it, how to become resourceful, and the importance of working as a team. It made me realize that being in the field of Science Research is another viable career option for me.

            I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s event. And hopefully, there will be more High School Mensans to join us.


Ryan Menchate joined Mensa Philippines in 2013. He recently turned 11 and is a 7th grader at PAREF Northfield School.

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