Membership Fees

Joining Mensa Or Renewing Membership

For those who qualify, the Mensa Philippines membership fees are as follows:

One-year membership PHP 1,200.00
Three-year membership PHP 3,000.00
Lapsed membership administration fee
The administration fee is optional. 
Should you choose to pay the administration fee, your membership “re-starts” on the date of payment. 
If you choose not to pay the administration fee, the membership fee you paid will be applied from the day it expired.
PHP 500.00

Delivery fees for IDs are as follows:

Via postal mail free
Pick up free
Via LBC PHP 100.00

Please note to the Treasurer if you would like to have your ID sent via LBC, via postal mail or would you like to pick it up personally. Please note that a replacement fee of P200 will be charged for reprinting ID’s in case they do not reach you.

Payments for membership fees should be coursed through one of the following:

  1. Treasurer
  2. Deputy treasurer
  3. A person authorized by the Treasurer

No other unauthorized officer or board trustee may accept payments.

Direct Payment (face-to-face)

Direct payment is done when you’re paying during an event when a representative from the Treasury Department is present.

  1. Pay amount to representative at the registration table.
  2. Receive an Official Receipt (O.R.)

Payment through Deposit

You may pay by depositing the amount due to the Mensa’s bank account

  1. Deposit amount due to :
    Bank: Metrobank
    Name: Pilipinas Mensa Society, Inc
    Account # 00-4900-100857
    Name: Pilipinas Mensa Society, Inc.
    Account # 1861-0096-09
  2. Inform Treasury Department by emailing to the following details:
    • Your full name
    • The amount you paid
    • What you are paying for
    • What bank did you deposit the payment in
    • A scanned image of your deposit slip or type the machine-validated data written on your deposit slip.
      Example for the machine-validated data:
    • 192-3-19209960-0 MENSA PHILS 07/01/2008 11:40:32 DEP ON IB

    • 0054 066 18791 PHP 1,500.00
    •  CL 1,500.00

      • Correct and complete mailing address
      • A scanned image of your ID picture (preferably with white background)
    1. Wait for an acknowledgment of receipt of your payment through email reply by the treasurer with your OR number.
    2. Treasurer will mail your official receipt together with your membership card. Membership cards are printed and mailed in batches. Please give us time to process.


    Please submit your:

    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Mensa Chapter
    • Mensa ID# 

    via email to the or

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