SWAG: The Mensa Philippines Star Wars Annual Gathering

Last Sept 27, our Chairman, Christopher Tan, explained to the racers of the Amazing Mensa Race what all the Star Wars teasers were about. By now, only some of you have an idea what’s going on. It’s time to let all of you in on this secret – SWAG stands for STAR WARS ANNUAL GATHERING!

Not only is this a Star Wars themed AG, but we’re also having a block screening on December 17 at the SM Light Cinema from 7pm to 11pm. That’s the night that it premieres everywhere and we are going to be a part of it! And if you come in as your favorite Star Wars character, you’re eligible to win some of our limited edition merchandise.

As with any other AG, this is that time of year where you get updates on everything Mensa, and witness the induction of our new members. 

We only have limited seats in the theater. Ticket prices are: P 1,200 for members & member-sponsored guests.

To secure your seat, you can either:
1) Pay online through SHOP on our FB page here, or here (if you’re using a mobile device)
2) Make a deposit through any of our bank accounts, then inform the treasurer (treasurer@mensa.ph) by sending a photo of your deposit slip with your name.


The theater map will be sent to the first 60 people who paid.

So go get your SWAG on and may the force be with you!

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