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The Mensa Annual Gathering 2021

Last year we had ContAGion, the Mensa Annual Gathering for 2020. Well it’s now 2021 and we’re still under lockdown conditions. But
By Mensa PH President

Mental Health Workshop During the Pandemic

a Brown Bag Event featuring Mensa HK Psychologist Seraph Hung & Guleed Dualeh Learn about how to take care of our mental health under
By Mensa PH President

The Latest Mensahe Celebrates Mensa History

Where did we come from? What have we accomplished? Why are we here? These sound like heavy existential questions. On the other hand, if
By Mensa PH President

Female Biohacking: A Brown Bag Event

While men & women follow the circadian rhythm, women flow with a second one called the infradian rhythm. We know this more as the menstrual
By Mensa PH President

On Sept. 15, Learn about the Afghanistan Refugee Crisis

Take time out to learn more about what has been happening to the people of Afghanistan as a result of the country’s takeover by the
By Mensa PH President

Join Malaysian Mensa’s Mukbang: Ice Cream!

You are invited to Malaysian Mensa‘s online mukbang this Saturday, September 11, 2021. All you need to bring is, well, your own personal
By Mensa PH President

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very nice,

Spinner ToolsOctober 19 2021,Org News and Updates,Uncategorized

yeh but its still in the same brain just in different parts. thats why theres "multiple" intellegences, they connect to each other through the lump of nervous tissue in our skulls known as a "brain" but really they are distinct, seperate and unique to themselves

Miguel DatilesSeptember 9 2021,

Hi there, I am a member of Mensa Australia. How do I purchase this? I am after about 10. I am happy to pay for international shipping. Thank you, AF Sekhar

AF SekharJuly 22 2021,

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Jackie KayeJuly 1 2021,International Elections