Iya asked 3 years ago

I love unusual objects, like novelty items, miniatures, and automata. I also get obsessed with cool ideas, like floating bookshelves out of hollowed out books as nightstands, and secret storages. What do you think I might like? Maybe a link or an illustration would help. Also, do you collect objects? At the moment, I’m collecting stationery, but I’m curious about others. 

James replied 2 years ago

Tips i receive from skip bins ipswich are never spent but placed in a glass jar by my window instead.

Juan replied 2 years ago

I collect a receipt from each client I have at weight loss hypnosis adelaide and store it somewhere safe as a reminder for how far I’ve gone in life.

Marc replied 2 years ago

You may find it weird but I collect figurines. – Marc | Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Peoria AZ

Joely replied 2 years ago


Everett replied 2 years ago

I’m pretty sure landscapers in ballarat collect a sample of the area they’re working on for a token of remembrance.

Alex replied 2 years ago

It’s normal to collect objects that appeal to your subconscious. Personally, I have a room filled with giveaways from each wedding venue I go to.

Jones replied 2 years ago

Same. I’m also obsessed with cool ideas, such as floating bookshelves made from hollowed-out books used as nightstands and secret storage.
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Giuseppe replied 2 years ago

I collect bark from each tree I put down as an arborist. Is that weird? I don’t know.

James replied 2 years ago


James replied 2 years ago

It’s normal. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling that way. Cheers from Askip hire ipswich

Ralph replied 2 years ago

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Rafael replied 2 years ago

I’m a concrete slab installer in Canberra, ACT. When not working, I actually collect antique books as a hobby.

Jack replied 2 years ago

I love planting cactuses. As such, I have a bunch of indoor cactuses of different species as a collection.

Yours Truly

Jack B.
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Forrest replied 2 years ago

It’s a hobby of mine collecting stamps and action figures.


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David replied 2 years ago

Me, I’m collecting miniature airplanes and car models.


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john replied 2 years ago

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Brielle Luna replied 2 years ago

How great could this turn. I love it!

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David Ing replied 2 years ago

Looks like we are the same at some point! I have a huge collection of cards.
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Killua Zoldyk replied 2 years ago

I love to collect miniatures too! I started collecting in 2019. best car accident lawyer

Roy Russell replied 2 years ago

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