Ahera Random asked 4 years ago

Is it possible that there was an almighty man who can lift and create anything? Can he create something he can’t lift… if so, he is not mighty(vice versa)?

Robert replied 3 years ago

I’m a Christian and I do believe there is. So it would be YES for me. Anyway, I’m glad that you brought this up and if you have time, please feel free to check this link: https://www.landscapinginelpaso.com/tree-service and discover the best tree services in El Paso, Texas.

Kevin replied 3 years ago

This is an omnipotence paradox. And yes, there’s an almighty man, our God, who can do that.

Kevin – Concrete Driveway Concreter Bendigo Victoria

David replied 3 years ago

I remember this question way back in college when I took a Philosophy class but I can’t remember the exact explanation. Nevertheless, such a question can really trigger a debate or a good discussion. Cheers, David | HVAC duct cleaning Mesa

Ralph replied 3 years ago

This is an omnipotent paradox. It’s really hard to justify if you ask questions that way. Moreover, thank you for bringing this up.

Ralph | Stenciled Concrete Canberra Specialist

Michelle replied 3 years ago

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