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Reginald Domingo asked 3 years ago

There is a theory going around that there are other intelligences other than mathematical/logical. There is 1 linguistic intelligences 2)i already mentioned logical intelligence 3) spatial intelligence 4 ) music and intuitive intelligence 5 ) kinesthetic intelligence 6 ) interpersonal intelligence 7) intrapersonal intelligence 8) existential and metaphysical intelligence and 9) nature intelligence…..any comments on that theory and do u have accurate ways to test these intelligences?

Miguel Datiles replied 3 years ago

yeh but its still in the same brain just in different parts. thats why theres “multiple” intellegences, they connect to each other through the lump of nervous tissue in our skulls known as a “brain” but really they are distinct, seperate and unique to themselves

Joely replied 3 years ago

Just like becoming a professional Handyman, it takes years of hard work and determination to master a language, and that is why we have linguistic intelligence.

James replied 3 years ago

I agree with Marvin’s point of view. Anyway, I don’t have any sources yet on how to accurately test multiple intelligence. Once, I do, I will surely post that here.


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Plumber replied 3 years ago

Thanks for explaining about multiple intelligence. I’ll keep following this Q & A to hopefully see a reliable source where the test can be taken.

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Ken Hobbs replied 3 years ago

The normality of the Multiple Intelligences Measurement is categorized into 3 levels. Those with high intelligence are those with percentiles of more than 78. Those with moderate/medium intelligence are those with percentiles between 24 and 77.9.
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Lucille Monroe replied 3 years ago

There are many MI assessment tools available online and to print for use in your classroom. These tests can provide a fascinating snapshot of your students’ innate abilities. Students should think about how to use their strengths to help them in all subjects. Maybe that musically intelligent student should make up a song to help her learn the Periodic Table of Elements. Or that visually inclined student should draw a picture to help remember the life cycle of a butterfly.
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Alfredo replied 3 years ago

The theories mentioned were to deal with how they can help themselves to relax and make themselves calm. Just for example Music intelligence – He/she preferred to study while listening to music. Nature intelligence – preferred to study in a calm noise of nature like a river, under the tree, etc. Thanks for this and I remembered the importance of multiple intelligences. concrete rochester mn

Marvin replied 3 years ago

The theory of multiple intelligences proposes the differentiation of human intelligence into specific “modalities of intelligence”, rather than defining intelligence as a single, general ability. cbd oils