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Jen asked 7 years ago

Hi. I just recently found out about your organization today. I never knew that this kind of organization exists and as I have been so much passionate about knowing people who are intellectually gifted and those are almost (or are indeed) omniscient, I would want to become constantly in touch with them and be labeled even as one of them. I\’ve recently taken an IQ test when I was being clinically diagnosed with depression and I got a 154 result. I know it isn\’t a qualification at all. So, I want to take the MENSA exam instead to know if I can become a member of your organization. Hence, I want to ask, is there already an sched for the next MENSA exam for Cebu or Manila. I actually prefer Cebu because most of the time, I stay here in Cebu. I understand the exams had just been held just recently but I would want to know if there are already another scheds on queue. Thank you and looking forward to a response to my question.

Jane Jones replied 3 years ago

This release is really informative and shows a good example of a nature-friendly project we can all spend our time on.

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Profile photo ofGetter_2187Gregg Getter answered 7 years ago

Hi Jen, Good job on your last IQ test, and thanks for your interest in Mensa Philippines! Your old test might actually qualify you already. If you have the documents from it, you could send them to our president for review. If not, you’re always welcome to take the test. I had a similar situation where I qualified long ago, in the US, but did not have the results anymore, so I just took the challenge again. 🙂
Currently we do not have the date set for the next testing sessions, but would look to have another session in both Manila and Cebu before the end of the year. Think it would most likely be Manila first this time, then may be Cebu early December? That’s just our goal right now, and could change.
You can always check back here every now and again, or we also have a Facebook group you could join. Both would have updates as soon as we can confirm the dates. Hope to see you soon.