Leopoldo asked 7 years ago

Hello MENSA,

Good day.

I am very much interested in joining MENSA. Could you please provide info regarding the next qualifying exam? Are there other ways to take the test and join MENSA besides waiting for the exam date?
Thank you very much.

1 Answers
Profile photo ofGetter_2187Gregg Getter answered 7 years ago

Glad to see your interest Leopoldo. You don’t have to wait long. 🙂 We have upcoming exams in Cebu and Manila, 6/03 and 7/01 respectively. Official communications should be out soon. I’m sure there will be one here, on social media, and other venues per city. As for other methods, I think there are “approved tests”, but I’d defer to an officer for that.
Hope you can make one of our testing dates, and good luck if you do. 🙂