Mensa is an international organization where the only requirement for membership is to score in the top two percentile (98th or 99th percentile) of a standardized IQ test. You can either present verified results of an IQ test, or you can take our own Mensa qualifying tests!

Mensa Philippines holds test sessions called “Mensa IQ Challenge” around Metro Manila two or three times a year. These are standardized IQ tests that are culture-fair—they do not ask questions that involve language, history, or cultural knowledge. Instead, the use of abstract reasoning reduces the risks of culture bias and ensure that, regardless of your language, age, or knowledge, your intelligence is what is being tested!

The Mensa test is calibrated to take forty minutes to complete. We normally hold several test sessions during an announced test day, with tests being held every hour on the hour. Test fees are also reasonable and offer a significant discount over international test rates. What’s more, we also offer discounts to groups of test takers.

Ready to become a full-fledged Mensan?

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