Ask Mensa AnythingCategory: About Life in GeneralIs it worthy to buy a New Construction Home?
Paul Tribbiani asked 1 year ago

Building Codes have changed for the better- to protect the consumer more. Responsibility for construction damage has changed meaning they charge sub-contractors when their workers damage materials- if they know about it. What concerns me most is the technology of building products. If you are not up on current building materials, you’ll need to read about them, hire a new-construction inspector and/or hire a Realtor who protects you (just like Kurt Grosse of REALTY One Group)- paid by the builder or not. I am sharing some good information regarding this topic. Check this blog:

abc replied 9 months ago

Learned a lot about each and every aspect of the sector like student and earned a reputation as a Professional real estate agent.
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Arlene J. Chaves replied 10 months ago

The building codes are now inclining to becoming more customer-friendly which is how it should really be. We have the same views at Medicine hat moving companies

bessiewatts18 replied 10 months ago

To lessen our electricity consumption, we need a goodsolar company.

fredluis replied 10 months ago

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Josh replied 10 months ago

You have a point. Can you also share something that is related to home remodeling? I like to know interesting topics about such.

Joshua | General Contractor in Austin

James replied 10 months ago

There are actually pros and cons of buying a new construction home. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing such a useful content.


James – Ryde Roofing Representative

Knight Shift replied 10 months ago

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Carl King replied 10 months ago

I think so too. Now is the time to buy a new one. high risk merchant solutions

Bob Andrew replied 11 months ago

I completely agree with your points. It is a very thoughtful insight.
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