FAQs on the Mensa IQ Challenge

I heard that the exam would mostly consist of abstract reasoning. Would it be a problem if I have a somewhat malfunctioning pair of eyes? It’s a lubrication problem and it blurs everything sometimes.
If ever we don’t pass/qualify on our first try, may we still take the exam next time?
The Mensa IQ Challenge (or Qualifying Test) is culture-fair. That means it will not be biased against those who do not speak English. It is a non-language test designed to measure intelligence without the influence of cultural climate, level of education, verbal fluency – or even ability in math. Hence, the test is presented as abstract reasoning. This is a timed exam – 45 minutes –  and takers are usually done before that time.
Tests are administered every hour and on the hour, so if you are late or had to attend to some emergency on your preferred time, you will still be able to take the test on that day. We welcome those who wish to register on site, but as with most events, there are advantages to having been pre-registered.
Mensa acknowledges that we have our off days, so if you do not qualify, you may still be able to take the test provided six (6) months have lapsed since the last test that you took.
Other than your valid ID and test fee, you do not need to bring anything to the test. Pencils will be provided. And there is no dress code.
Oh, and if you have dry eye syndrome, it would not affect you during the test…but bring your eye drops just the same.
How will we pay for the fee? What’s next after qualifying the exam?

You may pay for your testing fee by credit card through our website or by depositing the amount due to the Mensa’s bank account:

Bank: BDO
Account Name: Pilipinas Mensa Society, Inc
Savings Account # 00-4900-100857
Inform our Treasurer by sending an email to treasurer@mensaphilippines.org with the following:
  •        A photo of your deposit slip
  •        Correct and complete mailing address

You will be issued a receipt for your payment on exam day.

Is there any other venue besides Metro Manila and Cebu?

Mensa Philippines has the test in different venues throughout the year, though most of these are based in Manila.

We have also in the past had Mensa tests in schools or in areas outside Manila, but we may need to determine first if there is a substantial amount of takers in the same area before we consider these.

How can we prepare? Are there particular online tests or strategies to prepare?

There are no official practice tests that Mensa endorses.

However, there are Mensa work outs, like this one.

These usually test your aptitude for puzzles, and/or build your confidence during the day of the test.

Best strategy for taking  the test – a good night’s sleep and ample travel time prior to taking the test.
How many times can one take the exam?
There is no limit to the number of times that you can take it, provided six months have lapsed since your last test.
If an unexpected event occurred which prevented the examinee from taking the exam on the date, will he/she be allowed to reschedule it on another date?

Yes. The Mesa Qualifying Tests are scheduled about twice a year in each venue (Manila and Cebu).

Please watch out for announcements in our official FB fan page; or our Twitter account, @MensaPH.

I am only 11 years old but I would like to take the test, will that be possible?

The minimum age to take the Mensa test is 14 because the test is calibrated for adults.

For those younger than 14, you may join through membership based on prior evidence.

Would passing this exam qualify me as a member of Mensa International?
Mensa International is the umbrella group where Mensa Philippines and other countries’ Mensa organizations belong.

Passing the exam here in the Philippines will qualify you as a member of Mensa Philippines.

Also, if ever a Mensa member changes citizenship and moves to another country where there is a local Mensa organization, he/she can transfer Mensa membership to that country’s Mensa.

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